I don't think that I'll ever be able to look at Target the same way again!

Lets just say baby girl had a major blow-out and the manager was nice enough to let me back in the door to use their changing table (that's right it was closing time and I discovered this nice surprise as I was putting C in her car seat) Only at this point do I realize that Hubs did not pack any baby wipes at all.NONE.NADA.ZIP. Did you know that Target has gone green by not using paper towels in their bathrooms?!? Yeah, me neither. So here I am trying to wrestle the octopus while trying to gather toilet paper. Not a pretty sight. I got everything nice and clean, Clara changed, and realized I had poo. on. my. shirt (insert gag here). So what's a girl to do? I did the best thing... stripped my shirt off! Don't worry folks I had a jacket to button up. Never ever though did I ever think that I'd be leaving Target with less clothes than I went in with!


S is over his strep throat and is outside jumping on the trampoline enjoying this beautiful day. C has cut 2 of her top teeth this week on top of an ear infection and is catching up on some much needed zzzz's right now!